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About The Cool People

Tor's Bio
What zzzzzz upppppp. I'm Tor founder of Cursors-4u.com. I'm the average one here...We got the crazy Rigor down. Me and my homie here want to bring you guys the best cursors site there ever lived. One advise... don't get Rigor mad down there...he's a pretty crazy guy with a lot of hacking skills. Yea...it's pretty scary....and I work with this guy.

Contact Info
Use The Feedback Button On Your Left
Rigor's Bio
You'll probably recognize me from the forum. I've submitted stuff to the main site before and contributed a lot to the forum. I'm experienced in many things which resulted in me being too valuable for Tor to fire even if I were to wreak havoc and hack everybody on CC. I do what's needed and don't really like talking about myself much. Feel free to (not) contact me for any issues regarding the site if you cannot get a response from Tor.

Contact Info

For e-mail, put "Cursors4u" as the subject or I'll regard it as spam and delete it. I will make no exceptions.
Krazim's Bio
Hi I'm Krazim.