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Big Thanks Goes To...
CuteNewsRu.com - We are using this CMS program that is completely 100% free. The guy that works on it does an amazing job, even though it's sorta been abandoned by it's original creator. It was based off of AJfork, which was what we used in our version one through two. It's an amazing CMS script that is very versatile and very good.

V3 Design - The idea of the design for Version 3, came from Nathan-Sanders His website is truely remarkable. I really liked how he had the birds coming out from the ground and I thought...why not have cursors. That's how it all started for us here.

LiteSpeedTech.com - For $45 a month this is a good deal. It really works wonder for our server which we share with a few other massive sites. With LST, we are able to do 40,000mb of bandwidth per day! It's crazy man. And we only purchased the 2-core version too!

Liquidweb.com - Great fully managed webhost that is really good IMO. They have amazing support and their hardware is pretty damn cheap. Dual Quad Xeon 2.5ghz Harpertown with 4gigs of Ram for under 400 a month is awesome.

Icon Makers - All them amazing icon makers, that allow royal free distribution. Thanks for that. Most of our cursors have been converted from these royalty free icons. Without them, creating them would suck. We don't have that kind of talent to be honest.

Many many more... - And to those that we left out, that have slipped our mind. Thank you for your support and help.